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Wagner audiences are special, I think. It’s their music – but in a positive way; it’s a passion.
René Pape on Wagner audiences

Important years in Richard Wagner's life

1813 born in Leipzig
1834 Die Feen completed
1843 Holländer premiere
1845 Tannhäuser premiere
1850 Lohengrin premiere
1852 text of Rheingold and Walküre
1854 Das Rheingold completed
1856 Die Walküre completed
1859 Tristan completed
1865 Tristan premiere in Munich
1868 Meistersinger premiere
1869 Das Rheingold premiere
1870 Die Walküre premiere
1871 Siegfried completed
1874 Götterdämmerung completed
1876 First Festival in Bayreuth
1882 Parsifal premiere
1883 Wagner dies in Venice


Hermann Levi at Bayreuth

Hermann Levi

Hermann Levi, who conducted the world premiere of Richard Wagner's last opera, Parsifal.


Parsifal (Conductor)


Parsifal (Conductor)


Parsifal (Conductor & Choral Conducting)


Tristan und Isolde (Choral Conducting)
Parsifal (Conductor & Choral Conducting)


Parsifal (Conductor)


Parsifal (Conductor)


Parsifal (Conductor)


Parsifal (Conductor)


All Parsifal conductors at Bayreuth

All Tristan und Isolde conductors at Bayreuth







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