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Important years in Richard Wagner's life

1813 born in Leipzig
1834 Die Feen completed
1843 Holländer premiere
1845 Tannhäuser premiere
1850 Lohengrin premiere
1852 text of Rheingold and Walküre
1854 Das Rheingold completed
1856 Die Walküre completed
1859 Tristan completed
1865 Tristan premiere in Munich
1868 Meistersinger premiere
1869 Das Rheingold premiere
1870 Die Walküre premiere
1871 Siegfried completed
1874 Götterdämmerung completed
1876 First Festival in Bayreuth
1882 Parsifal premiere
1883 Wagner dies in Venice




Der Ring des Nibelungen (DVD): Patrice Chéreau, Pierre Boulez, Donald McIntyre, Gwyneth Jones

Das Rheingold
(Bayreuth, 1980)

Donald McIntyre, Martin Egel, Siegfried Jerusalem, Heinz Zednik, Hermann Becht, Helmut Pampuch, Matti Salminen, Fritz Hübner, Hanna Schwarz, Carmen Reppel, Ortrun Wenkel

Die Walküre
(Bayreuth, 1980)

walkure dvd

Peter Hofmann, Jeannine Altmeyer, Gwyneth Jones, Donald McIntyre, Matti Salminen

(Bayreuth, 1980)

siegfried chereau

Manfred Jung, Heinz Zednik, Gwyneth Jones, Donald McIntyre, Hermann Becht

(Bayreuth, 1980)

Manfred Jung, Gwyneth Jones, Fritz Hübner, Hermann Becht, Franz Mazura, Jeannine Altmeyer, Gwendolyn Killebrew


One of the most important opera productions ever

One of the most important opera productions ever is still great music theatre more than 30 years after its premiere. It is not easy to understand that this production could cause such a scandal in 1976. Götterdämmerung almost had to be stopped two times because reactionaries whistled during the performance. In the end it developed into the Bayreuth Festival's greatest success, with the final Götterdämmerung curtain call lasting for 85 minutes.

The video filming and editing is superb (something that can't be taken for granted these days), but rather grainy compared to contemporary standards.

The Pierre Boulez / Patrice Chéreau Ring on Amazon

Reviews and comments

The stage-sets and costumes for the Ring are impossibly bizarre as far as I 'm concerned - but this kind of parody, blasphemy desecration of the temple is obviously what people want today - I'm never going to understand it!.
Winifred Wagner (quotation from Winifred Wagner - a Life at the Heart of Hitler's Bayreuth)

This is some of the most passionate Wagner one will ever see and hear. Boulez’s phenomenal ear clarifies textures yet, like Karajan, he is perfectly willing to broaden the scale and to intensify the emotional level when required. There is a host of other memorable performances, not least Donald Macintyre’s Wotan and Gwyneth Jones’s Brünnhilde. Yet it is the epoch-making nature of the production, resulting initially in death-threats for Boulez and Chéreau, which truly makes this mandatory viewing. Chéreau’s Personenregie is more or less unrivalled. His connection of the drama to its nineteenth-century political and social context is never didactic and often, even now, quite revelatory. Joachim Herz may have done something not entirely dissimilar in Leipzig but now the rest of the world had the opportunity to witness a searing mythological, historical, and contemporary drama, which unfolds mesmerizingly from the opening mise-en-scène (designer: Richard Peduzzi) of a Rhenish hydroelectric dam. Wagner production was transformed forever.
Mark Berry

Whether by luck or foresight, the decision to hire French director Patrice Chéreau was among the most important and courageous of Wolfgang Wagner´s entire tenure at the Bayreuth Festival.
Together Patrice Chéreau and Pierre Boulez created a Centenary Ring in the truest meaning of the word: Simply the finest Nibelungen Ring production in the Centenary history of the work. Even after more than 30 years the power and freshness of this staging is virtually undiminished. As directorial concept and execution it remains unsurpassed, the closest competition, at least on DVD, being Harry Kupfer and Daniel Barenboim´s later Bayreuth Ring.
Mostly Opera


Pierre Boulez / Patrice Chéreau Ring on Amazon


Der Ring des Nibelungen on DVD

Robert Lepage / Metropolitan

Deborah Voigt, Bryn Terfel, Jay Hunter Morris, Jonas Kaufmann, Stephanie Blythe, Hans-Peter König, Eric Owens, Gerhard Siegel, Eva-Maria Westbroek

Patrice Chéreau /  Boulez / Bayreuth

ring cover chereau

Donald McIntyre, Gwyneth Jones, Heinz Zednik, Peter Hofmann, Manfred Jung, Jeannine Altmeyer, Matti Salminen, Hermann Becht, Franz Mazura, Fritz Hübner, Helmut Pampuch

Harry Kupfer / Daniel Barenboim / Bayreuth

kupfer ring bayreuth

John Tomlinson, Anne Evans, Poul Elming, Nadine Secunde, Graham Clark, Helmut Pampuch, Bodo Brinkmann, Günter von Kannen, Philip Kang, Matthias Hölle, Linda Finnie, Birgitta Svendén

Otto Schenk / James Levine / Metropolitan

levine ring metropolitan

James Morris, Hildegard Behrens, Siegfried Jerusalem, Ekkehard Wlaschiha, Heinz Zednik, Jan-Hendrik Rootering, Matti Salminen, Christa Ludwig, Gary Lakes, Jessye Norman, Kurt Moll

Valencia Ring
Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta, Juha Uusitalo, Jennifer Wilson, Lance Ryan, Matti Salminen

The Copenhagen Ring:
Kasper Holten / Michael Schønwandt

copenhagen ring on dvd cover

Johan Reuter, Randi Stene, Sten Byriel, Michael Kristensen, Bengt-Ola Morgny, Stephen Milling, James Johnson, Iréne Théorin, Stig Fogh Andersen, Susanne Resmark, Peter Klaveness, Guido Paevatalu, Ylva Kihlberg

Amsterdam Ring:
Pierre Audi,
Hartmut Haenchen

Amsterdam Ring

John Keyes, Nadine Secunde, Jeannine Altmeyer, John Bröcheler, Kurt Rydl, Graham Clark

The Stuttgart Ring:
Wieler & Morabito / Lothar Zagrosek

Robert Künzli, Michaela Schuster, Robert Gambill, Angela Denoke, Jan-Hendrik Rootering, Renate Behle, Eva-Maria Westbroek, Wiebke Göetjes, Jon Fredric West, Lisa Gasteen, Luana DeVol, Albert Bonnema

Barcelona Ring:
Harry Kupfer / Bertrand de Billy

kupfer ring barcelona

Falk Struckmann, Deborah Polaski, Lioba Braun, Kwanchul Youn, Eric Halfvarson, Andrea Bönig, Richard Berkeley-Steele, Linda Watson, Cristina Obregón, John Treleaven, Matti Salminen, Elisabete Matos
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Weimar Ring:
Carl St. Clair,
Michael Schulz

weimar ring

Mario Hoff, Renatus Mészár, Catherine Foster, Erin Caves, Kirsten Blanck, Frieder Aurich, Hidekazu Tsumaya


Lübeck Ring:
Roman Brogli-Sacher,
Anthony Pilavachi

Stefan Heidemann, Antonio Yang, Veronika Waldner, Andrew Sritheran, Rebecca Teem, Jürgen Müller, Stuart Patterson, Richard Decker, Gary Jankowski






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